Close-Up Magic

Close-up Magic will allow you to relax while Chris Webb will mix and mingle with your guests, welcome them to the event and in general  make your job or time at the event easier. Your guests will never forget the magic they see and be a moment to cherish forever.

Perfect for: Weddings, private parties, dinner parties, product launches, galas, balls and so much more.

Stage show

If you have a larger crowd that needs entertaining then a stand up stage show is the answer. This is not an illusion show with people being chopped in half this is real magic that will baffle you. The show has been created in a way for you to be involved but still relax. The show is known as ‘The One Man Show’ because it is just that. You will witness impossible mind reading, clever sleight of hand and devious misdirection all with a comical twist.

Perfect for: Birthdays, parties, award evenings and so much more.

Children's Magic

Just Imagine a magic show with lots of interaction for all the children, a live rabbit and balloons to take home. Laughter, smiles and a lot of noise all around and even a few tricks to fool the adults. Different shows for all ages from toddler to teens this is the perfect treat!

Perfect for: Birthdays, weddings, parties, Summer shows, Christmas shows and so much more.